About Neureise Group

What We Do

Neureise Group is a full service residential and commercial stone company. Since its inception in 2011, Neureise Group has established a strong tradition of creative and technical excellence, cultivated by a team of elite artisans, technicians, and stone craftsmen that furnish a wide range of stonework services for clients who require long-lasting beauty and highly-specialized skills for exacting fabrication, installation and stone restoration projects. We are proud to offer our clients the most sophisticated, technologically advanced methods in modern stonework, allowing them to benefit from cutting-edge machinery and the best contemporary commercial and high-end residential applications available. Based in Long Island, New York, Neureise Group serves clients throughout the New York metropolitan and tri-state area.

A Journey Begins

Neureise Group embodies the vision of a “new journey” in stone.  From its proud origin as a woman-owned business working with minimal resources and a commitment to smart, sustainable growth to its unique, innovative design that streamlines operations and creates a “closed cycle” with its processes, Neureise Group has forged a new path in the industry that is forward-looking and transformative.  Built on a career spanning 25-plus years in stone, Neureise Group was among the first companies in the industry to add environmental sustainability and social responsibility as core elements of its business strategy.  Today, the business has grown to serve some of the most high-profile developers in the tri-state area and operate one of the most impressive facilities in stone fabrication services, housing a remarkable assortment of the most sophisticated technology and equipment for producing the highest-quality stonework, efficiently, quickly, and with reduced cost to the customer and environment.

Our Mission

At Neureise Group, our goal is to produce great stonework with great people.  We are proud of our tradition of creative and technical excellence, and want to share our love of the beauty and functionality of stone with the world. We continue to invest in high-quality, state-of-the-art machinery and tools to help showcase the natural brilliance and grace of stone, as well as hire knowledgeable, passionate people to help us on our journey in championing the use of great stonework in today’s designs.

Our Promise

Our stone fabrication and design solutions employ multiple disciplines, cutting-edge technology, and precision craftsmanship to drive powerful results for construction and design professionals looking to work with a specialist that brings extensive experience and resources to help project teams assess and capitalize on opportunities and challenges at the work site.

Our clients partner with us because we ask the tough questions, challenge assumptions and recommend bold solutions that meet the specific needs of the project and help achieve the full potential of the design.

Top-rated Fabricator.

Showcase Installations

Conference Room

Custom designs that match your brand and image


Ultra-modern to traditional staircases that lead to small spaces and grand entrances

Reception Area

Make a statement with unique entrances


This room encourages creativity during downtime